Mobile App Contest

Welcome to the Afana Enterprises – Mobile Marketing Solutions Mobile App Contest Submission Form (please find entry form below on mobile or to the right on desktop)

Over 80% of online local business and organization searches are conducted via mobile smartphones & tablets.  Mobile is quickly over taking popularity as the preferred technology device for accessing online content and finding great local deals.  Everyone that owns a smartphone almost never leave home without it or they feel disconnected.  Let's face it people are addicted to their smartphones.  It is this interested and targeted audience that you can easily connect, communicate and market your products and services with via your Custom Mobile App that you could win in this contest.

Please find listed below the contest conditions and rules:

  1. Only one entry into the Mobile App Contest will be accepted
  2. Please ensure you complete the contest entry form with all required fields ~ adding a special message with a comment “Tell Your Story” why you should win the mobile app contest may increase your chances of winning
  3. Mobile App Contest includes ~ Custom Google Android (smartphone app & tablet app)
  4. Mobile App Submission fee applies to app store ($30 for Non-Profit & $120 for For-Profit)
  5. The custom mobile app development fee is waived (value ~ $3,000 ~ competitive pricing could be 20 to 40 times more: reference website and follow their pricing wizard and you will see for yourself)
  6. Winner must provide & supply all required content for the mobile app
  7. Monthly hosting & maintenance fee applies ($30 for Non-Profit & $60 for For-Profit) ~ includes 24/7 Secure Login Access, Dynamic Content Updates, App Analytics, Unlimited Monthly Push Notifications
  8. Included Bonus value $1,000 – Custom Branded App Icon & Custom Branded QR Code included (allows for easy access & installation of your mobile app from the app store with weekly analytics reporting via email)
  9. Included Bonus value $600 – Custom Branded Marketing Video
  10. Enter: “TCVMOBILEAPPCONTEST” in the Promo Code field for a surprise unannounced bonus valued at $1,000.

Mobile App Upgrade Option Available:

  1. Apple iOS App for iPhone & iPad can be upgraded for an additional ($400 for Non-Profit & $1,200 for For-Profit)
  2. Apple iOS App upgrade additional hosting & maintenance ($30 for Non-Profit & $60 for For-Profit)
  3. HTML 5 Webapp included complimentary with the Apple iOS App Upgrade

By completion and submission of this Mobile App Contest form you agree to the conditions and rules of this contest.

Be advised: your information will never be shared or sold without your written permission.

Our Mission:  Providing small to medium size business owners the ability to leverage the power of Mobile Marketing Solutions to assist in their fostering professional solution-based relationships with new and existing customers.

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